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  • Covid-19

    The current COVID-19 situation can create an extra feeling of stress, worry and uncertainty for women living with ovarian cancer and their loved ones. Please be aware while our face-to-face sessions will be on hold until further notice, our tele-support, OCA Connect online community and webinars will continue to run so you can continue to connect with others.

    📞 Our Support Team is available on 1300 660 334 or

    📖 For general resources, visit:…/support-resources/

  • Poems

    My Cancer Journey

    It can silence courage; however you find a courage you never knew you had

    It will cripple your love and self esteem

    It will eat away at your thoughts; keep the monsters at bay

    Cancer is limited to only you, it’s your journey

    It can kill friendships and the ones it does;

    You were not meant to keep

    You will acquire new friendships along your journey


    Other people’s cancer stories, friends just love relaying them to you, hold your hand up STOP!

    I really don’t want to hear: be strong this is your journey!

    It can corrode your faith and leave you wondering what’s it all about?

    It can destroy your confidence, leave you feeling unloved, betrayed by your own body

    It will leave you sad and sick with worry


    This is your journey: your story, don’t be afraid to be you again, life is precious; this is your time don’t waste it on people who want to bring you down, plan your life with lots of things you want to do, family time, holiday time, time to yourself, to be just you, we are worth it!

    This is our time so……

    Put a smile on your face your lipstick on and into the world we go J


                                                            Chris Hayward 2013-14

  • Remission

    Good morning everyone. I'm currently having time for myself on Norfolk Island ... OMG is absolute paradise. This is my 3rd visit this year!

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in October 2017 and had major surgery on 18 December 2017. I had the mass removed, lost a part of my bladder, small and large bowel and removal of my spleen. months chemo and 6 months targeted therapy.

    A month or so after the completion of my chemo I had a PET scan showing I had spots on my liver and my CA125 was escalated. So I decided to have my first trip to Norfolk Island in April) May 2019 for 4 weeks. I spent another 2 weeks in Brisbane with my dad who passed quietly in hospital. On my return to Perth another PET scan was performed and low and behold NO spots and my tumour markers were excellent! In remission says my oncologist! F*#k how did that happen! He was as shocked as I was. So I'm back on NI ... reckon this place has improved my health, stress levels, diet etc.

    Forgot to mention had a double mastectomy in 2013 .. on my 60th birthday !!

    I'm over the moon ... But (always a BUT) still in the back of your mind and any health disruptions takes me back to being diagnosed. Not any easy road and really f#$ks with my head. I'm sure you can all relate.

    But in the meantime I'm trying to be healthy, happy, relaxed on my little island in the South Pacific.

    Please, everyone, take care and try and live in the moment.

    Cheers Sharon

  • Help needed finding an empathic gyne oncologist

    Hi Tara16,

    OCA are unable to recommend specific gynae-oncologists but I have attached a link to gynae-oncologists who practice in each state of Australia:

    You may find it helpful to print it off and take to your doctor. Other women on this forum may be able to share what they have found helpful in choosing a doctor as well.

    Please don’t hesitate to call our support line on 1300 660 334 if you require any further assistance.

    Warm regards,


  • 5 years cancer free today

    Wonderful News! I am fed up with my doctor, I am a stage 3c in my diagnosed mid 2016, and I only have a small amount of cancer showing on the scans at the moment, the problem is my doctor says there are no trials that I could go on, and she has never put me on one or pursued them, and now the cancer is growing again, she said 'you have three more types of chemo left and you are no longer platinum sensitive, and after three more chemos most people are ready to go'. I refused to accept this negative misdiagnosis for my life when I know there is a better course. So I now have appointment for a second opinion and I will never go back to my original doctor.