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Hi all, I'm Sirin. I was diagnosed with a Stage 2, Grade 3 Immature Teratoma a.k.a Germ Cell Tumor. My Tumor was 20cm when it was removed a week after my diagnosis, followed by a staging laparotomy two weeks aafter that. This was followed by 3 rounds of chemo. Fortunately I have been in remission for 10mths but am still dealing with long term affects of the chemo and extensive surgeries I had.

I have learnt a lot about myself along this journey and still am everyday as I push through the pain of recovery. I would love to share this journey with anyone who would like to do the same :)


  • Hi Sirin

    Please share your experiences, we all learn from each other. What symptoms are causing you the most concern now as you recover?


    Kind Regards


  • Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for responding to my post. I wrote that post two months ago and I have to say I am feeling a lot stronger since then. I put on a lot of weight during my treatment and the fatigue is still very real for me. I find the morning difficult. But I push through the fatigue and once I get going I feel much better.

    How long ago was your treatment? Did you find the recovery challenge? I read in a post you put in another thread that you were working on rebuilding your abdominal muscles after surgery. I had a laparotomy and I feel a little lost as to how I will ever get my core strength back. I have started doing sit ups each night to see if that helps. I get to about 5 sit ups and my muscles are screaming :))



  • Hi Sirin

    I found aqua aerobics really helpful, it built my core and all my other muscles too without putting too much strain on them - not to say it wasn't painful at times - I found muscles I had forgotten about ;)

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