Hi I'm Julia

Hi there,

I'm a newbie. My name's Julia. I am 43 and have 5 children ranging from 23 to 11. I was diagnosed with stage 4  two months ago. It's been a bit of a steamtrain. I was admitted to hospital with 5 litres of fluid and zero aeration in my right lung. An ovarian cancer cell was found in my lung fluid tested at John Hunter. After the chest drain, I was referred to oncology as an outpatient.

The cancer is in my ovaries, uterus, fallopian tube, liver, lymph nodes and lung. Now possibly also in my breast. Just had suspicious mammogram. Awaiting results of MRI. I just found out I have the BRCA 1 gene. I am having chemo to get rid of the cancer and fluid in my lung so that I am able to have surgery. The doctor says I must have zero fluid before I am able to have surgery. I have also been referred for a double mastectomy to the breast surgeon but really it's not as much of a priority as surgery on the primary cancer as I already have stage 4.


I thought I had ovarian cancer (I had all the symptoms) and I thought I had ruled it out 2 years ago. I'm obviously not meant to find out until now, when I am at stage 4. There will be a higher reason for that. I think it may be to help people. Stage 4 packs a harder punch, somehow.


I am doing really well and just taking one blow at a time. I am happy. Sometimes I get wobbly. A couple of times I have been terrified. I came on here to connect and also find out a bit more about what to expect in terms of surgery (I know nothing) and also what the doctors need to see before they give you the all clear initially. Thanks for any light you can shed. I'm new to all this. Xx


  • Welcome Julia!

    First of all, when it comes to surgery you're in good hands at JHH. That's where I've had all my cancer surgeries. The nurses are amazing and I couldn't ask for a better surgeon.

    What sort of surgery are you having?  Is it abdominal?  If it is, make sure you do your breathing exercises and the best thing you can do to heal is get out of bed and walk.

    What chemo drugs are they giving you?  They all have different side effects and all I think between all the people on this forum, we've had just about all of them.  Let us know and she can let you know what to expect.

    To get the magical all clear your cancer markers need to be in normal range, clear scans and doctor's appointment that go from 3 monthly to 6 monthly to yearly over a 5 year period (that's what it is with my doctor).

    Keep us up to date, feel free to have a rant and a vent and don't forget that your oncology nurses are a great source of practical advice and have a wealth of knowledge.


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