Hello Nicole

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I had debulking surgery in February, 2017.  3 hours.  After a 5-8 hour surgery you will be in great pain.  Get the pain machine.  I could push a button and get morphine any time I had pain.  I wish I had gotten off the machine 1 day earlier however.  My personality changes a lot with pain meds so I don't like to be on them.  If you can have HIPEC have it.  I did not learn until the night b4 that it was $6,000 here in Taiwan (I am American).  I would have ronded up the dough and had it.  So much love going out to you Nicole.  Have a care taker.  My resident doc held my hand in the operating room b4 the drugs kicked in.  SHE WAS AN ANGEL.  I was terrified.  I just learned today that my CA125 is rising so am very happy I found this group.  Love Sandra

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