Uploading or Changing Your Profile Picture

Want to add a photo of you or even just an image you like to your posts? Follow the steps below to upload or change your profile picture;

1. When logged in, click on "My Account" in top right corner of your page (just next to the Log Out option)

2. Here you will find all the details you originally registered with. On the right hand page you will see an image of the head and a pink button which says "Change Profile Picture"; click on this button!

3. You will see an Upload box; you can either drag and drop the picture you would like to use into this box or click "Select Your File" to choose an image saved on your computer.

A picture will help personalise your posts and make you more recognisable to other users. Remember this is just an option and you're very welcome to stay anonymous by using an image not of your face but another image you like (perhaps a flower, a favourite place or drawing) or no profile picture at all.

If you have any issues or questions please contact us on ocaconnect@ovariancancer.net.au


Hayley, Support Coordinator, OCA

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