Bowel movements :-)

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Anyone had this experience?  Yesterday I got up and had a bowel movement then I proceeded to have 6 more - all in good form.  I bicycle, walk, shop, cook, feel good, do stuff - 5 rounds of paclitaxel/carboplatin; 5 rounds of lipodox/carboplatin; surgery 2/17; CA125 37 June 8 and 59 June 23.  Thanks community!  Healthy Now.


  • Hi Sandra, it is interesting to read your posts and your healthy lifestyle I am sure is helping you.  I am on Carboplatin and Gemcitabine at the moment and I have found from previous experience with chemo, that it certainly upsets your bowel routine, causing more frequent movements.  As I had a bowel blockage in late 2015 and had a small amount of my bowel removed I tend to have more frequent bowel movements now than I used to.  My doctor recommended that I have a low fibre diet, which really is opposite to the "living healthy scenario of high fibre" diets!  The low fibre diet certainly works and it means that I am not running to the toilet all the time.  Maybe as a temporary measure this may work for you. I know that we are all different and need to do what works best for each of us.  I am tolerating the chemo regime that I am on reasonably well, I have about 3 days when I am really tired and low, but the rest of the time I can do my normal things.  Like you I enjoy walking and like to do that every day.  My CA125 marker is now coming back down, it did peak at 1600 a month ago (quite frightening), apparently according to a scan I have a couple of lymph nodes and nodes attached to my bowel that are enlarged a little bit.  We tend to be a bit neurotic about the CA125 marker! Take care Helen

  • Helen -

    Thanks so much for your post - Gemcitabine - first time to type - do note it is paired with carboplatin - wish I had more of a chemistry background - carboplatin seems to go with a lot of things!  I was SHOCKED when you said your CA125 was 1600!  I have to read about and listen to lectures on this topic b/c I thought 59 was horrible.  When a doc said people live for years and years with stage 4 cancer I was shocked on that one too -  thought death was imminent!  This cancer thing is such a cunundrum - no fast facts.  OK I don't mind the number SEVEN just glad to know what others experiences are.  I even wondered if having my 33 feet of intestines taken out and examined and then reinserted could be making them work better - LOL.  Healthy Now.

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