Hi, I'm Jenny, not sure about my story yet. I had ph call on Friday

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just went to hospital after acute pain. They found a 10cm mass. I'm waiting for mater to ring me Monday/Tuesday. It does appear to be in lining as well. Does anyone know what stage this could be?


  • Hi Jmargaret, the doctors will stage it properly for you.

    How are you holding yourself together as you wait for Monday/Tuesday's call? We are here if you need to talk about how you are feeling.

    I had my debaulking surgery at the Mater in Brisbane in 2014, is that where you are?

    Best wishes


  • Hi Rachel, my case has been sent to mater from Redlands. So I am waiting for Mater to ring me. Im holding up ok. Pain was really bad last night. Thanks for talking to me. R u cured.


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