To Meredith IP chemo

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Hey Meredith and everyone else - just dropping in to say hi - I could have had IP during my surgery - if you have a port you are not having IP - IP is a special machine the surgeons use to put probes in your abdomen and liver and they run hot heated - to some super hot temp - chemo inside of you - risks - can whack your kidneys - benefits - better survival.  I did not have it b/c they did not tell me until the night b4 my surgery that it was 6,000 us bucks.  not covered by my national health insurance.  i am chemo free for july but i am so TIRED - i had 3 12 hour days with TONS of walking and other stress - I wonder if it was just too much - i am lying down now - had a temp of 38.9 C yesterday - luckily one 400 mg ibprofen broke the temp.  there is another kind of ip they can do post surgery - but again they run tubes into the abodomen and pump in super hot chemo.  WRITE  - healthy now.

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