Hi, I'm Sharon

The doctors have just accidentally found a growth on my ovary and think that I have ovarian cancer.  The gyno did a pepille? but the results were not clear enough so I am scheduled to have a C & D as the lining of my uterus is thick.  Then apparently I will have a full hysterectomy where they will check out the little monster to see what damage it is doing in there.   Once rated and if required, debulked, I will find out more.  .....   This began on 2 June 2017 and for one reason or another (I live in Cairns Qld), it is taking a long time to get any information and is doing my head in a bit.  Little did I know what a control freak I was :)   I have so many questions fluttering around my brain but no one can answer them until they know more .... meantime ... I am sending myself crazy researching ovarian cancer.   One minute I am in denial, the next I am researching everything so that I can get ready for a battle, the next I am having a 10 minute pity party and the next I am positive that it has been caught so early .... everything will be ok.    Is this normal?


  • Hi Sharon,

    Perfectly normal!  I've been doing this for a few years now and I still have freak outs and meltdowns.  It's healthy.  Sometimes they can take a while to really finalise what is going on.  There will be a lot of people working on your case from doctors to pathology and they need to make sure they've got it right.  Sometimes my oncologist can take a while to let me know what's happening but he is usually busy consulting, researching and forming a plan of attack.

    Keep us up to date and good luck.


  • Hi Sharon

    My story was similar to yours. I had had years of a thickened lining and heavy blood loss and was being monitored in case I developed uterine cancer. During a routine ultrasound for that, a 7cm tumour was found on my left ovary.

    One thing I have learned since is that best practice treatment would be for your first surgery to be done by a gynae oncologist. It might save you having to have two surgeries (as I did) instead of only one. I had to travel to the Mater in Brisbane for my debaulking surgery. Is this something you can discuss with your doctor? I ended up having a hysterectomy with the ovaries etc out and then 5 weeks later having the debaulking surgery. It was hard and if you can do it in one go, so much better for your body.

    Wishing you all the best


  • Thanks Ladies :)  Rachelt luckily for me I am in Cairns and due to previous surgeries, they consider it too complex to do up here so I was referred to a oncology gyno at the Mater in Brisbane  - a Dr N Chetty.   The Hospital in Cairns has been fantastic, but because they can't tell me anything, it is a little frustrating.   This must be my lesson in learning patience - ha ha.

  • Naveen Chetty was my doctor :) I left Qld nearly two years ago and he referred me to a colleague of his here in Tasmania that I still see for follow up (3 years post surgery now with no dramas).  Ask him all the questions you want, he always invites you to.

    Ah Patience - still haven't learned that skill but getting better at distracting myself ;)

  • The story continues ... on Monday I went in for a D&C as Dr Chetty was concerned about the thickening in the lining of the uterus.  The gyno from the Cairns Hospital rang today to advise that they found cancer in the lining of the uterus.   Endometrial cancer.  So now I wait for the Brisbane Hospital to contact me to arrange the operation.  At least now they will take everything as I wanted them to remove both ovaries.   Worried about chemo but the doctor up here thinks that I may not need it - depends on what they find.  Gotta keep positive but some days it is hard.  :)

  • Hi Sharon, Thanks for letting us know how you went with the D&C and even though the news that you have endometrial cancer is not so good, at least now you know a bit more about your situation and can get ready for your trip down to Brisbane.  If you check out some of the previous posts there is lots of information about managing the operation, plus this website also has lots of hints for a speedy recovery and we all advocate getting moving as soon as possible after your operation.  Do you have some family and friends in Brisbane that can come and visit and give you support?  All the best.  Helen

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