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Nikki - thanks!  You are very very right about students being more supportive than staff - it's the ol' work thing - burn out, pride, anger, envy, jealousy - all the stuff of any work environment - but the students are not 'burned out' yet - but anyway - shaved at school assembly - that's a cool one - talk about instructional in health education, resilience, chemistry...a lot of these students on the planet now will be researchers - they will be the ones developing the chemo drugs that kill only cancer cells and not healthy cells.  Well this time I am NOT shaving my head.  I had a different attitude last fall when I did it - now I want every hair that is there.  ha ha.  I can use scarves again if I have too or with cold weather fun hats with animals.  ha ha.  I have NO idea how long I will be on Topotecan - how long have you been on it?  I have to hand it to  my doc while I HATE spending the night at the hospital - he is being very cautious to see how I react.  A 45 min drip is HEAVEN compared to 14 hours.  I feel better now - I put on some Debussy, made breakfast, packed my backpack, and may leave early and take a bicycle ride around the park before I go to school :-)  xo H.N.


  • That is one drug I haven't tried. I've been on Carbo-Latin and Taxol, cisplatin and gemcite (ew) now I'm on cisplatin and caelyx which I have once a month over 2 days. It has a few nasty side effects but I don't have the nausea that I've had with the others. Plus I love my month of recovery.

    You sound like your feeling better.  Enjoy your day. ?


  • Hi Sandra,  Happy Birthday, enjoy your ride around the park before you go to work.  Try not to worry about your hair too much, as you are new to the school, perhaps they will think it is the norm and will just accept your hairstyle as you.  The children will probably like fun hats with animals.  Make sure you go out for tea and celebrate with some friends.  Take care Helen

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