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Hi everyone - my name is Sue ( aged 61) and I have just finished radiation treatment for ovarian cancer stage 3C. Prior to that earlier this year I had chemo, surgery and in two weeks will start another 4 rounds of chemo. I hope to be finished by Christmas. This is my second recurrence with ovarian cancer and my husband and I plan to make the most of my time in remission. We would like to take a cruise in 2018 but was wondering if anyone has any positive experiences with travel insurance. We have travelled before and obtained insurance without cover for cancer but I hoping that there is a company out there that will cover someone such as myself. Is anyone able to advise me? Cancer treatment is a challenge (don't we all know it!) and it helps to have something positive to look forward to at the end. Thanks and keep strong ladies. Sue x


  • Hi Susana,  As you are over 60, I was wondering if maybe the Seniors Travel Insurance scheme is a bit more flexible? There must be lots of seniors travelling the world with pre existing conditions.  Like you, we have travelled before without cover for cancer and it is a challenge, however holidays are a must!   Take care.  Helen

  • Thank you for your post Sue and I hope you hear from some of our forum members on their travel insurance experiences. Making plans to do things you really enjoy after your treatment is so important!

    In the meantime I thought I'd pop my head in and offer this excellent fact sheet about cancer and travel insurance put together by the Cancer Council and the McCabe Centre with some information and things to keep in mind.

    Also one of our other members had some encouraging words for you which she posted elsewhere and you may have missed;

    All the best,

    Hayley, Support Coordinator, Ovarian Cancer Australia

  • Thank you Helen and Hayley. Helen, I will look at Seniors Travel Insurance as I hadn't thought of them and Hayley, I'll follow up with your fact sheet. We have now booked our trip (Christmas in Vienna with side trips to Prague and Budapest .. wonderful) and will sort something out for insurance.

    Kind regards and many thanks,


  • Susana, my husband and I travel a bit and we have not stopped since my diagnosis. We are actually heading to Europe in 10 days for 3 weeks. This is my 3rd overseas trip since my diagnosis which was just on 3 years ago.

    We, naturally, get travel insurance for each of our trips. I have always been able to get travel insurance BUT my ovarian cancer and anything that could be associated with is an exclusion. We have tried many different companies and have only ever found one that would consider covering OC and that was at a significant premium (I think it was about $2000 if I recall) and only after a certain period of time had passed. So now I accept that I will not get insurance to cover OC and get a general policy to cover other things that are important too. I declare, in line with the law, that I have had OC and then see my surgeon/oncologist before we go to make sure that I am well. I then go away, confidant that OC is highly unlikely to be an issue and gave fun ?



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