For Susan Travel

Susan - YOU GO GIRL - absolutely plan fun stuff every chance you get. I contacted for a work aboard tall ship sail boat experience I hope to have - bucket list thing - I want to CREW on board. Anyway check with them. This cancer thing is truly a day at a time - you are a trooper - I have been doing this since October 13 2016 and it took awhile for it to sink in that this was my life now. And I had better find ways to make the most of each day no matter what. Here is one of my new finds - the 2 breaths in and 1 out immediately helped abdominal discomfort/sensation/pain - I don't even know what word to use. ha ha. Check

him out. Keep us posted on your journey - it helps all of us. You are the first person I have talked to getting radiation - they do it at the Sun Yat Sen Cancer Center but NTUH has never mentioned it. xo H.N.

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