COLDS - Banned

Dear Helen, warm regards and wishes for NO cold.  I bet it did lay you low and it would be scary as well.  When laid low my attitude is LOW too so I hope your life is on more of an even keel.  Go away cold weather.  The mistletoe thing is available from Germany in ampules for you to shoot up yourself - I saw that and said - not me.  I could never stick a needle in my arm - ICK.  However, thought I would ask as a friend who worked for GERSEN recommended it.  I just came from swimming laps in the community pool outdoors in the rain.  Did a wee hike at lunch in a beautiful area near our school.  I have a steep learning curve on movie camera, microphone, speakers, some game you play on a wall virtually but the students hold things in their hands like its a real tennis game, or ping pong, and a virtual bicycling path while student sits and pedals on stationery bicycle.  Info overload.  Hugs, H.N.

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