Hi i'am Tanya from central australia

I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2015 after a raptured cyst. I had the whole hysterectomy and the removal of both my ovaries 2 months after my first initial diagnose. This followed by 4 rounds of chemo every 3 weeks. Today I am staying well and go to all my follow up appointments. I am cancer free and I live my life day to day and I am so grateful for having my families love to keep my going. I would love to connect with anybody who has a similar story to mine. Sometime I feel that no one else understands me or my feelings.


  • Hi Tanya,

    Welcome to the forum!  You will find lots of people here that have similar stories to yours and who also understand you and your feelings.

    Firstly, congratulations on being well and cancer free.  Whilst I am sure you feel relieved, you may also feel moments of anxiousness and fear.  I know I do!

    I was diagnosed in Sept 2014, had surgery.. the whole hysterectomy shebang, followed by 6 months of chemo.  I am coming up to my 3 year anniversary of being cancer free (technically post surgery for me) and I will be sure to celebrate.  For the most part I feel happy and confident that I will remain cancer free but the fear sometimes creeps up, usually at the most inopportune moments.

    Do you have any local support available to you?  If not, there is a monthly telephone support group run by Ovarian Cancer Australia that I have found to be very helpful.  You can contact the support team on 1300 660 334 or support@ovariancancer.net.au and they will put you in touch with the right person.  :)

    In the meantime, please post your questions, concerns and feelings.... there's lots of us here who can lend an ear.

    Take care


  • Thank you Karen,

    Yes the fear often creeps up, sometimes I feel uncertain about my future but my kids are here to help keep my mind busy. I have been grateful for the love and support I have received from my partner throughout the whole time. I am getting myself involved in many community activities so that I can try to fit in some exercise and fresh air in my day's.  I have found it really hard talking to people who cannot understand what I have been through.  Thank you for giving a some more information on where I can find support.

  • Hi Marie,

    What I find difficult is meeting new people.  What do you say when they ask what you have been doing with yourself lately?  I've been having chemo is a bit of a conversation killer.  I also find I have less patience with people who whinge about petty things (I think they're petty, they probably don't).  I find I have to use humour to help put people at ease.  I'm a high school teacher and kids are able to cope with this stuff better than adults.  They ask how you're feeling, how chemo is going, I've even had a student ask if I'm cured yet!


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