Just finished 6 rounds of chemo.

Just finished 6 rounds of weekly chemo.  Start on 3 weekly Bevacizumab next week for 9 months. I had a radical hysterectomy back in April, plus extras.  I find your forum interesting and informative.  I didn't suffer nausea or fatigue, but had many other reactions - infections, rashes, neutropenic, you name it.   I started an Exercise Physiology regime, which is only gentle but may help.  I have felt very cut off from the community, so it is good to read your hints.


  • Hi Lynn,  Welcome to the forum, I am glad you have been able to get some hints from the website.  We do talk about a wide range of issues and we all seem to have different experiences, especially from the chemo.   It is always good to finish chemo, I have one more cycle to go.  I have not heard of Bevacizumab and am interested in where it fits in, is it a drug that works on your immune system?  Helen

  • Hello everyone, I found that ENO - the bubbly stuff, really helped with ulcers and that awful taste you can get from chemo.  Plus you get  a fresh lemony taste.  I think I used it about six times a day or when needed -

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