Hi I'm Sharon

Hello everyone, Well I am just passed the five year mark and know that I am so lucky.   It was a shock, as seems to be the common thread, no symptoms but had two tumours the size of rockmelons (always the over achiever) and a CA125 of 7500, so they thought the worse.  Luckily it was contained and I had a radical hysterectomy and removal of lots of other stuff and follow up chemo, weekly for 20 weeks.  So I have some chemo survival handy hints and am always here to lend an ear and to help anyone on this journey.   I didn't find this site when I was going through treatment.  I have just had genetic testing done, I don't have any paternal history (think it is much like the second last scene from Mama Mia where they all jump up and say "I'll have a third but without the jump up bit..) my maternal side is friendly and happy to help but there is no cancer anywhere down that line.  Having a daughter makes me panic, maybe more than parenting, but maybe not, parental guilt is a funny thing.   Anyway, signing off with I'm here OK!!


  • Sharon, any hints about a face rash? ie hives?  I've had it for months now.  Maybe that didn't happen to you.  As well, I now have a cold sore on my lip - very painful.

  • Hi Sharon

    Glad you found us. I was worried about my daughter too. My grandmother died young from breast cancer and my mother was recently diagnosed with it post 70 years. I had testing done which was a huge relief. No mutations at all. My husband's side of the family are all healthy as oxes so it looks like any risks to my kids will be the luck of the draw or something the doctors haven't discovered yet. Either way they have learnt my lesson and know to get things checked out sooner than later.

    Best wishes


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