Hello. I'm Karen from FNQ

I was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer in April 2016.  I did 6 rounds of chemo last year and 17 rounds of Avastin.  I responded well to these treatments and was able to have a radical hysterectomy in November.  I was also been having intravenous Vitamin C and taking vitamins and herbs recommended by my naturopath.  My CA125 levels have started rising again and I'm now taking Tamoxifen.  The oncologist suggested I trial it for three months.  I'm now in the third month and he has quadrupled the dose. I am to see the oncologist next week to see if that is having any affect on the blood levels.  I would be interested to see if anyone else has had the same treatment.  I feel very isolated living in Far North Qld. and hope that this forum can help me.


  • Welcome Karen!

    I haven't encountered your treatment.  I've had a few different treatments over the past few years and none of the drugs you have mentioned.  It is amazing how many different drugs are out there for ovarian cancer and almost everyone on this forum has had a different combination so there is bound to be someone here who has experienced the same treatment as you.

    This is a great place to share ideas and swap war stories and most importantly vent  because there is always someone here to listen.

    'Glad you could join us ?


  • Thanks Nikki.

    It is amazing how many different drugs are used.  You would think that the same drugs would be used but I guess that depends on if and where it has metastasised.

  • I've had 5 different chemo drugs.  Unfortunately for me I had an anaphylactic reaction to one of the best and I'm a bit platinum resistant so my poor doctor has his work cut out for him coming up with new combinations for me.  What amazes me is how fast things change.  Each time I've started a new chemo there is something new for them to give me to deal with the side effects and new ways of treating it.  One day they'll cure us all.


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