Hello I am Del.

Hi I'm Del, I am 61 years old and was first diagnosed stage 3 in Perth July 2016. Had chemo, an operation. and more chemo, thought I was clear but it recurred within 3 months and am now back in Queensland having monthly chemo. I am very keen to hear how others are coping and any help will be gratefully taken on board as I am really struggling at the moment.



  • Hi Del,  Welcome to the forum.  I fully understand your struggle, it is so devastating when it comes back.  It certainly knocked me around, when mine came back after a year of no cancer.  That was 4 years ago.  Even though I don't like doing chemo, I did find it was a relief when it was offered as a treatment for the recurring cancer.  The doctors seem to be able to come up with different chemo mixes that are not so strong as the very first line of chemo treatment, that can put you back into remission.  I am on my fourth lot of chemo now and this mix is a bit kinder to me and I can manage most of the side effects for most of the time.  I will not even lose my hair this time, which is a bonus!  Have you tried  a support group in your area, perhaps they can help or calling on your friends and family?    I also found that getting out and about doing normal things really helps, plus fitting in a walk each day even if it was only a small one on those really bad chemo days helped me mentally to manage the effects of the treatment.   Keep looking at this website, as there are lots of others going through the same issues as you and have little hints at how they got through this journey.  Someone, a few months back put up a post that was a poem/story about her experience with chemo, it was very clever and I have been trying to find it as I thought you may like to read it.  I can't find it at the moment, however I will keep searching for it and let you know if I find it.  Let us know how you get on with this new lot of chemo.  Take care.  Helen

  • Hi Del,

    Welcome to the forum.  This is the place for advice, hints and tips and sharing your worries.  What chemo drugs are you on?  I've had a few different chemos over the last 7 years and there is nothing more frustrating and demoralising than a recurrence. You think you're done and you have to start all over again.  At least you have some idea of what to expect.  Keep us up to date with how you are travelling and remember that this is a safe place to express your worries.  We have all been through similar experiences and know how you feel.


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