Hi. I'm Angela

The main purpose of this blog is to let other potential sufferers of ovarian cancer know the importance of ‘being in tune’ with your body. It may save your life- I certainly believe that it helped me be aware of my cancer at a very early stage. My diagnosis was early stage ovarian cancer in both ovaries 1C.

I have come to understand during the past 5 months, it is very unusual- to present with ovarian cancer at such an early stage- and therefore have more chance of treating it more successfully. As there is currently no screening test for ovarian cancer, it is particularly important to detect it early and proceed with treatment- in my case, an abdominal hysterectomy followed by chemotherapy. Neither of these are on anyone’s bucket list but they can probably save your life.

The interesting bit-

I have been active and fit and a regular gym attendee- spin classes, pilates, occasional runner, and generally taking care of my body over the past 35 years, but only recently (the last 3 years) have been drawn to yoga, in its many variants- hatha, iyengar, wall yoga, with its use of a wall to support various poses, particularly inversions.

I truly believe that yoga has provided this close connection and awareness of my body, and its limitations – in particular attending to changes when practicing- inversions, for example, that caused me to notice even small changes in how my body felt. Specifically, I began to feel heavy around the lower abdomen, the uterus area and some discomfort and unusual movement of inner organs- the ovary region, which felt larger and more liquid than I’d known. It still took me a few weeks (denial?) before I followed it up with a doctor’s visit which subsequently set the whole medical process into operation (ultra sound/ CT scan, diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy) which moved at a whirlwind pace. Something of a roller coaster followed in terms of side effects to the chemo.

No-one wants to undertake this ordeal but I really believe that this early detection- through body awareness, in my case through yoga (under the direction of very experienced practitioners) possibly saved my life. I just want to share this- in case it may help just one person.




  • Hi Angela

    I was lucky enough to have my cancer caught early too. I was diagnosed in July 2014 and recently my oncologist has moved me down to yearly appointments as things are going so well. If it weren't for the scars and changed world view I could almost forget I have had cancer.

    I am so glad yours was caught early and you have a good prognosis.

    Best wishes



  • Hi Angela,

    That’s fantastic that they caught yours so early.  I believe it has a lot to do with your doctor.  I had abdominal pain, saw a doctor and nothing was done.  Nine months later they found a tumour the size of my baby’s head when I was having a c-section.  Since then then health system has been fantastic, I just had problems with the initial diagnosis.  When I was pregnant I was in constant pain and vomited the entire time and everyone just put it down to being pregnant.

    So glad you’ve joined us!


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