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Hi. Im Mary. I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. stage 4 ovarian cancer. I had my first chemo last week. Had problems with painful constipation and headaches, tiredness of course, but not too bad.

Second chemo yesterday: had a reaction which was scary, and they topped me with antihistamine. I slept a lot. Feel pretty good today, thanks to my rediscovery of prune juice!

I am wondering if anyone can give me an idea when I might start losing my hair. I want to go to a Look Good Feel Better workshop, but think it might have more value when this is happening. I have long white hair which has always been my identifier is you know what I mean. Its been this colour since my 30's.

What have others done?

looking forward to connecting with others.



  • Hi Mary,

    Welcome to the forum!  Hair loss depends of the chemo drugs you are on.  If you are on taxol and carboplatin it will definitely go.  The first time I had this it took about a month to go.  The second time I had this treatment it took about 2 treatments and it was coming out in big handfuls.  My third chemo was cisplatin and gemcite.  I lost about a third of my hair.  I’ve just finished a cycle of cisplatin and caelyx (I think that’s how you spell it) and everything fell out in the middle so I was left with a fringe around my head that I could put up in a pony tail and hide the bald spots.

    Let us know what they have you on.  I’m sure there is someone here who has had the same treatment and can tell you what to expect.


  • Hi Mary, welcome to the forum. We have lots of useful info for you. If you are on taxol most women find they lose their hair in the second cycle in the second week. That was true for me. Once it started to come out, I asked my hairdresser to shave it all off, as when it comes out in chunks at night it tends to go all over your pillow and in your face.  I went to the Good Feel Better workshop and found it very useful with lots of hints about  head scarves etc.  Your hair will come back about a month after you finish chemo. Mine came back curly, but went back to straight after a few cuts. Good luck with your treatment. Helen

  • Hi Mary

    Thanks  for your question Mary I start Chemo ist time on the 29/1/18 I will loose my hair the nurse told me . I have worn wigs for over 10 yrs  by choice ( I do have hair) my question if anyone knows I have heard your head hair folicales hurt . I am wondering if I can still ware my wigs ?

  • Hi Susan,  From my experience when I lost my hair when I was on Taxol, my head was a occasionally sensitive, it seemed to be mainly in the shower when I was giving my scalp a bit of a massage with some shampoo.  It didn't seem to worry me when I was wearing my wig or my head scarves.  Good luck with all your treatment and keep us informed as to how you are going.  Helen

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