Hi from Jeanette

Hi Ladies. I’m Jeanette age 62

I have stage 4 ov ca. My journey started with a discharge in Dec 2014, bad Pap smear, cancer polyp in my uterus. By Feb 2015 I had radical hysterectomy, and no other ca cells found, so chemo was not suggested. In hindsight, chemo might have prevented metastasis back then.

A year later I felt crowded in my chest, but GPs failed to diagnose for several months. The thickening in my chest and abdomen was only detected in a CT scan (nothing showed in ultrasound scans).

I had a laparotomy but the tumours were  scattered throughout my Omentum and peritoneum, nothing was removed.

I’ve had 2 rounds of chemo, and have had 6 months in remission since then. I’m starting to get unusual pains in my side, so I think I’ll Be back to chemo soon.

I’m not looking forward to trying to recover after chemo. I’ve only regained about 60% of my pre-cancer strength.

I was Braca gene tested but I’m negative, so I couldn’t get into a trial.

I generally keep very positive, but that’s not so easy when it hurts to breathe.

Back to oncologist this week. ?


  • Hi Jeanette, So sorry to hear you have more chemo coming your way. It is not for the faint hearted as I’ve discovered.  I’m not sure whether sharing my friends story will be helpful or not but it is shared with good intent. My friend had stage 4 CA ovaries and went to Japan for immunotherapy. She is now in remission and really well. Quite amazing! I can get details for you if you are interested. Last year my brother was on a trial of immunotherapy conducted at the Greenslopes hospital in Brisbane  for mesothelioma without success unfortunately but my friend with ovarian cancer has responded very well to it. She also had chemo and did everything else under the sun. I hope you have lots of love and support. Here is some coming from me anyway. Maxine

  • Hi Jeanette,  How was your visit to the oncologist?  Were they able to sort out why it hurts for you to breathe?  When I was first diagnosed in 2012 at age 60, I was carrying a lot of fluid in my abdomen and omentum area and that certainly put pressure on my lungs.  I would puff quite a bit on my walks.  Once I had 2 litres of fluid drained, I felt a lot better.   Recovery from chemo does take a while and I agree, it is not for the faint hearted.  We have to remain positive and try to live  a normal life as much as is possible.   Take care and I hope that you can avoid having to have some more chemo.  Helen

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