Hair again!

Thanks for remembering me, Helen.  Now that I get treated only every 3 weeks, we dashed away to King Valley with friends and also to the coast at Tabourie Lake, so I haven't been keeping up with the forum.

At last my eyelashes grew back, but the hair seems very slow.  I always had baby fine hair.  It looks darker and is only about an inch long, so I still wear headwear as my ears seem to stick out. (Not used to seeing them!)  I used to have a jaw-length bob.  Such a pain trying to match headwear to my outfits.  But when I think about it I used to get it trimmed about every 8 weeks about an inch, so it will take months to look decent.  I had a 75th birthday recently and very short is not a good look on me!

Hope you are getting encouraging results from your treatment.



  • Hi Lynn, it is good to hear from you again and great that you are managing to travel.  I just love the coast, as I live in Canberra we go down the South coast to the Batemans Bay area.  It is such a lovely part of NSW.

    I was pleased when my eyelashes grew back, it makes your eyes look so much better.  The treatment that I have been on this year, has thinned them a bit, so I am hoping they will start to thicken up now that I have finished chemo.  My marker is now down near the normal level now.

    Matching headwear to outfits can be challenging, I have a couple of headwraps that are multi coloured and I found these good for matching.  Even though your hair is growing back slowly, just think of all the hair trimming costs you are saving!

    Enjoy the festive season and take care.  Helen

  • Thanks Helen.  I met you briefly out at McKellar Ridge once.  Have a pleasant Xmas and a "healthy (as possible}" 2018.   If I ever have to have chemo again, I fear I would become very depressed.  But I have to tell myself that it's better than the alternative!

    Best wishes


  • Hi Lynn,  Thanks for your best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.  I do remember talking to you out at McKellar Ridge, it is certainly a small world  You will find that if you do have to have chemo again, that you will manage it, as there seems to be different types of chemo and I have found that they are not necessarily as devastating as that first regime.  Maybe we are better prepared the second time around.  All the best and I am sure you will keep well for quite some time.  Let us know how you go.  Helen

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