Cancer Reoccurred

Hi,  I'm Ros, I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer stage 3 July 2016, had surgery, finished chemo Feb 2017, and no trace of the cancer, I was over the moon, unfortunately the cancer has now come back, my Prof says I might be able to get on a trial, so we will see on Monday,  Cheers Ros


  • Good luck with the trial. I’ve just sent off a mountain of paper work to try get on the MOST trial for unresponsive cancers.   Let us know how you go.


  • Yes I will Nikki, I don't know what trial it is yet or even if he gets me on it, but he thinks I will be suitable, he is working in coordination with Northern Cancer Institue at St Leonard's, and they have all the trials they are running that are open on their website, so I am assuming it is the Abbvie Ovarian A Phase 3, but I haven't spoken to my other research Oncologist as yet she is in NSCI heading up trials on a regular basis, I will see her on Monday. Good luck with the MOST trial, what's that all about? It sounds exciting! Ros

  • Hi Ros, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Clear cell cancer in October last year.  I had a radical hysterectomy then chemo, which unfortunately didn't work for me.  I was also told that further surgery wasn't an option, nor was the only thing left was clinical trials.  I started on a clinical trial in May, which actually shrunk one of the tumours and completely eradicated the other one they were measuring, however, after a while, I had new tumours growing.  I have just last week started on an immunotherapy am hopeful this will be successful....I wish you all the best for your further treatment.  Cheers

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