30 but still strong

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Hello All,


I believe this is the first post for this group. My name is Brianna and currently Im laying down post surgery after having my ovary and fallopian tube removed. As well as the bad stuff in which brought me here to share my thoughts and to remind others they too aren't alone  :) I was diagnosed on 8th of November this year with stage one. Although I have my moments, I remember the gratitude in this. A month prior I had intense pain on my right side near my ovary nothing was subsiding the pain after pain killers. I realised this was my ovaries deep down - previously I was told  two years earlier I had PCOS which was found after a 9 month bleed (sometimes heavy, sometimes light) my periods were erratic ever since they began at 15 unless on the pill.


For me I went off the pill due to the emotional side effects. I had tried many. Although my body seemed to regulate in the last year on it's own.  I still would have problems with my cycle being on and off or the last of it in september was a double period in space of 3 weeks. I knew something wasn't right. A relief to of had the first lot of surgery because a part of me did realise I could of had this tumor for some time without knowing as I was never in any intense pain previously to warrant further ultra sounds / surgery etc (this was whilst I lived in the UK returned back to Oz April 2017)


I am waiting my results all going well I hope to keep my other ovary as I've not had children. For someone like me who has always travelled and chased her goals - this part is what has caused the most emotional pain. To fear the outcome or even to fear the changes in my body. I never thought I would get to 30 and have this. I always thought it was when you're 'older'. But like many of us that I am sure are on here we have learn't to except what life has thrown at us. Finding comfort in expression and our alone moments just like now. For me personally it's harder to be around loved ones and be close to people. I am usually the anchor or helper you could say. That's where my aggression comes in and I tend to push people away.


I try to laugh and tell people it's merely a clitch in the matrix. I'd like to remind myself of my humour and also my compassion. Nature, art and writing are my biggest teachers through this. My voice still means something even though I feel held back so I hope this offers some love and reminder we're all in this together x <3




  • Hi Brianna,

    I just read your message and it resonated so much with me. I was diagnosed with a germ cell tumor at 33. It can be really difficult, as you mentioned, to be faced with a challenge like this so young because as I am sure you now know you suddenly feel like life has changed trajectory. One of my first posts here was from my hospital bed too. It's great to hear you are okay and I hope your recovery is as quick as possible.

    The sheer fact that you know you're not alone and the positive tone of your post is so wonderful. It takes courage, determination and strength to have a disposition in times like this and you have them all. I had a laparotomy as part of my treatment and this meant a very big change to my body. I too grieved this a lot. I had chemo and that also challenged me emotionally due to the physical changes. I think it is very natural to feel this way. My experience has been that over time my body is getting stronger and I am finding my new normal. I hope you have this experience too, but for now, catch up on some reading or movies you have been meaning to watch when you never had the time and let that amazing body of yours work its magic while recovering.

    Keep us posted on how you are traveling and if you have any questions or just want to chat we are here.

    Stay strong and happy :)


  • Hi Brianna

    I was touched by your message and indeed you are not alone . We are here to support each other any which way we can. Like you I had my surgery 21 nov after being diagnosed stage 1c . I started my first chemo yesterday so I am on day 2 now and so far have still the energy and I am taking advantage of it. I very much try and see the light in all this . I would have some lows but would get back and smile and just make the most out of the good days . It will take a long time for this healing and treatment but I look forward to the day where we all hear the good news that we pray for and I know it will come to all of us .

    I hope you recover fast .



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