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Hi there

I am writing for my bestie. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago had mastectomy & chemo, stage 2 estrogen driven, no lymph nodes involved. She went on Tamoxifen but she had awful joint pain so stopped. She decided to have a hysterectomy to help to minimise ovarian cancer. Forward 5 years,  had a few problems with joint pain & ruination  so decided to get bloods done earlier than usual & her tumour markers were up. I think they were 90 meant to be 30 could of  been CA125? Anyway had ct saw shadowing in stomach area, had pet scan & it said widespread omental stranding with some ascites. Highly  suspicious  for peritoneal metastaties? Unknown primary. All her organs are clear as well as her lymph nodes. Could someone please try & explain what this means. Can you get ovarian cancer with no uterus? Is it secondary from her breast cancer. Is it cancer? I just want to be prepared so I can do the best I can for her. Thank you all so much for any of your thoughts.


  • Hi Jan,  Isn't she fortunate to have such a lovely friend as you.  Just being there and listening will be such a help to her. It is good that  all her organs are clear as well as the lymph nodes.  I cannot help you with all your questions, her doctor would probably have most of the answers to them plus the support worker who looks after this website may be able to help you with some answers and websites to go to.  They should be back in the new year.  From my own experience when I had my surgery I had a lot of the ascites drained from my abdomen and I also had my omentum removed, I am not sure what it does, however I don't seem to miss it.  Keep us informed as to how she is going.  Take care.  Helen

  • Hi Jan and thanks Helen for your response. My name is Hayley and I am one of the support coordinators here at Ovarian Cancer Australia; it may be helpful for yourself or your friend to call through to our Information and Support Line (1300 660 334) so we can speak a bit more about her specific case and obtaining the information she needs from her doctors. We are available weekdays 9 am to 5.00 pm. Kind Regards, Hayley, Support Coordinator, Ovarian Cancer Australia.


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