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hello my name is Gail Osbourne and I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in March 17. Finished my chemo on Sept 1 17. Looking forward to hearing about your journeys as we face positivity after diagnosis


  • Hi Gail, Must have felt great to finish chemo! I got diagnosed with stage 3 as well in Nov 17, have had some chemo and due to have surgery soon.

  • Welcome Gail and Annette, I hope you both had good Christmases and New Years. How are you travelling now?


    Best wishes


  • Hi Rachelt, thank you for your reply, I am doing well now, I just try to keep as positive as I can,I find that the best medicine you can have, have a great weekend, Cheers Gail

  • Hi Gail

    I have just joined  Gail  small world . ( warrior) it’s me from NSW . It nice to have Australian support .

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