Stage 3c

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Hi ladies

I really would like to hear from ladies who were diagnosed with stage 3c (aggressive ) cancer and your journey . I have had surgery for hysterectomy but I still have cancer on the perinteneal .

my Chemo starts 29/1/18 it will be 6 weeks since surgery .

Thanks. Susan


  • Hi Susan,

    ‘I’m a stage 3 I was diagnosed 2010 and I’ve had 4 surgeries, radiation and 5 rounds of chemo.  Each time I start a new round there is something new to give me.  Ask your doctor about trials. I’m waiting for test results to see if I’m eligible.  When you are going through this you realise how fast stuff happens in the medical world.  There are always new treatments and breakthroughs.  We just need to hang on until they find the cure.


  • Hi Nikki

    yes very incouraging the cancer scientist are coming up with new trials all the time Dr said no radiation only chemo for the cancer I have.

    Have a great Saturday .

  • Hi Susan,  Like Nikki, I am also a stage 3 diagnosis.  I was diagnosed in 2012 and had chemo and the debulking operation.  I have also had to have more chemo and another operation due to enlarged nodes upsetting my bowel.  Are you being tested for the BRCA2 genetic mutation, our family have this mutation.  Like you, I didn't need to have radiation.  Take care.  Helen

  • Hi Helen

    Yes  I have been tested have not got the results back yet . I hope your feeling well .


  • Hi Susan, the BRCA gene testing does take a while.  I am feeling well, though have just started another regime of chemo, as my marker has decided to go up again.  A scan has shown a couple of nodes that have enlarged.  I am just having carboplattim this time to see how that goes.  I do manage the chemo ok, though am feeling a bit flat today and lightheaded.  As I am retired I am able to have quiet days at home, lounging around.  I should feel better in a couple of days.  Thanks for asking.  Helen

  • Hi Helen

    I am pleased your feeling well . Like you I am retired & hubby retired in October so i can ( we) can relax & lounge around to . I am off tomorrow for education on chemo . Chemo starts next Monday .

    Susan x

  • Hi Susan,

    I too was diagnosed with stage 3c high grade serous OC in July 2017 during fibroid/hysterectomy surgery. Straight into chemo for 9 weeks, then debulking surgery followed by another 9 weeks of chemo finishing just before xmas. Luckily I had no issues with chemo and felt reasonably well, but emotionally wow a total shock.

    Thankfully last tests have come up clear. So now I'm working on being healthy and positive.


  • Hi Alice

    thanks for your reply Alice I have my first chemo on Monday after 6 weeks of post surgery recovery . It has been horrible waiting .  I am so ready to get chemo in my body to kill the cancer off. I will be on carbo / taxol/ Avastin  3 x over 9 weeks. Then maybe surgery again or another round of chemo .


  • Hi Susan,

    Yes I can imagine waiting must be hard. I was in chemo within 2 weeks after my surgery. I didn't have time to even think and at the beginning it seems like 9 weeks of chemo is a long time but it does in fact go quite fast.

    I can really recommend mediation, it helps to keep the stress levels down. Good luck for Monday.


  • I Think I had to heal from the inside even though I healed on the outside well . I read something about it I was cut from pubic bone to above navel  maybe that’s why . But I defiantly can feel stuff going on in my adomine .

    now very worrying this journey sucks but I will do what I have to do to win this fight .

    take care susan x

  • Good luck with chemo on Monday. Try not to focus on counting down your treatments because if you have a delay due to low blood levels it can get you down a lot and you’re left angry and frustrated.  If you do end up having delays with treatment, treat it as an opportunity for your body to build itself back up and use the time off chemo to do something fun.


  • Aww thanks Nikki

    I will remember what you said Nikki . I am so ready for treatment I am getting stinging sensation where I think the cancer is . 6 weeks is along time to Waite but I have to trust that they are doing the best for me.

    Have great Australia day weekend .




  • Hi Susan, just checking in with you to see how chemo went today?  You are probably feeling a bit drained, both physically and mentally.   In my experience I found that I went to the toilet quite a lot over the next couple of days after chemo (especially at night) as they give you lots of fluids at the same time as the chemo.  Take care.  Helen

  • Hi Helen

    yes the chemo went well 8.5 hours of it. The RN was so kind & genital my daughter & hubby were

    with me for support . I do hope your feeling better .

  • Hi Susan,  I am feeling better, thank you for asking.  I will have my next lot of chemo next Friday.  Did you manage the side effects of your chemo ok?  The education session certainly gives you the knowledge to know what to expect, which I think is helpful.  Take care.  Helen

  • Hi Helen

    I hope all goes well for you on Friday . I had my first chemo  7 days ago so far so good . Sorry it took so long to reply having difficulty trying to reply to this page yesterday . Yes I drink lots of water I have not felt too tired so I am happy with that next one is the 19/2/18 .

    take care

    susan xxx


  • Hi Susan, I am glad the side effects from the chemo did not knock you around too much.  My chemo went well on Friday, though there was a new nurse that was filling in for the day and she didn't open up one of the connections on the drip and I was only getting the hydration fluid and not the chemo, luckily another nurse came along after about half an hour and realised the mistake.  She was so nice and apologetic. I must remember to check that the chemo bag is emptying next time!  I hope all goes well for you on the 19/2.  Take care Helen

  • Hi Helen

    wow I find this site very hard to use . I have been looking for you after your last reply. I hope the chemo you had on that Friday went well . I have had to chemo so far with miminal side affects. I was wondering if you were on messenger as I tried to find you there? Well again I hope all is going well.

    susan xxx

  • Hi Helen

    Thank you for your reply yes what you said is what I have been told as well about the wait time .

    Sue X

  • Hi Susan,

    I am sorry to be a bit late in replying to you, we have been away in Adelaide and Victor Harbour for a few weeks.  We had a lovely time, the weather was great and I was able to catch up with my sister and meet my new grand nephew.  I am on messenger, however I couldn't seem to work it on my ipad while we were away, probably a senior problem!  I had delayed my round 3 chemo for when I was away, so I had some carbo platinum last Friday and am feeling a bit tired today, however it was good to find my CA125 marker responding and coming back down again.  How are you going with the chemo, you must have had a couple of cycles by now.  Take care Helen

  • Hi Helen

    Good  to see you had a nice holiday break . Yes next week I have my first Ct scan since first frontline chemo that 9 weeks has gone so quick . Are you using the same photo on here as messenger if so with your full name & photo I can message you . Or email me  your details

    have a great week Helen

    sue xxx

  • Hi Helen

    I just made a mistake with email address


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