January 2018 SCAN

Hey family -

My scan last Saturday, which my doc read at home that night, shows the cancer has spread again to lymph nodes near the renal artery.   Dang it all.  I had my first shot of avastin Sunday morning with topotecan and carboplatin which apparently are not doing the job very well.  The refractory platinum diagnosis is HELL.  Received a lot of info from MD ANDERSON in Houston I will have to go through - my contract is up July 31, 2018.  Getting to Anderson will allow me financial aid for the drugs I need with a refractory diagnosis.  And a LONGER life.  It will mean certification in Texas if I want to continue teaching which is a HUGE headache.  So much to handle.  Saturday here.  Feels so good to NOT be in the hospital - able to sleep in.  There are a couple of toy stores I hope to check out and tomorrow is a birthday party!  Wheeeee.  xoxoxo Sandra

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