Helen - what is your treatment on Friday?  I will call Chi-Hau Chen tomorrow to find out if my Feb 10th chemo is 1 day or 5 days.  Will keep you posted.  So tired.  Sandra



  • Hi Sandra,  I had carboplatium.  It is quite good as it only takes 2 hours to administer.  I am sorry to hear that you are tired.  Hopefully you will only be having 1 day of chemo.  I expect to have some quiet days Monday to Wednesday.  Take care  Helen

  • Goodafternoon Helen - you are 3 hours ahead of Taiwan!  So Chen and I have got to talk.  Tomorrow afternoon in his clinic.  No chemo this w/e b/c of low wbc which they could not articulate on Friday - telling me absolute monocyte count - there is no such thing as this phrase according to a doctor online.  I will get my med records b4 our visit.  I have got to have olaparib.  I have got to know how long I can wait without olaparib b4 the damage cannot be reversed.  Can he keep me healthy with the drugs he has till I can get to Olaparib.  The crazy 2nd opinion doc last July at Sun Yat Sen Cancer Center said "get on Olaparib" - he failed to say IT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN TAIWAN OR MAINLAND CHINA.  Chen failed to say this also.  Japan, Australia, Thailand, and the USA have the drug.  I want it.  On Friday I called AstraZeneca in Taiwan and they told me this.  How crazy is this.  Everything Chen has said has been false - you have 10 years, you will be progression free for 2.5 to 3 years, you will not be in chemo feb, mar, apr.  Now it is well you are not palliative, you have been platinum refractory since surgery 2/17.  This is not acceptable.  It makes me think he has no idea what he is doing.  Still no word on BRCA.  Glad you don't have to spend the night for chemo.  And that you have mon - wed for quiet activities.  I was tired yesterday and rested till I went out for dinner and friends last night.  Today I spent time on a mountain which I love, slept in, cooked, will take on online 3 hour Google Test and myabe find friends tonight.  A Day at A time - I dread all of the paperwork of getting back to the USA if that's the solution.  But I am projecting.  x Sandra

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