Hello I'm Leonie


I was diagnosed in May 2016 with 3c ovarian cancer. I had chemo,surgery, chemo. My cancer returned in july 2017. Just finished chemo again and having a 2 mth break to see what happens. Both times I had very good responses to chemo. My ca125 is 6. Is there anyone else in a similar situation to me. Feeling a little lost...but want to be hopeful as have 2 beautiful boys to live for.

Thanks in advance



  • Hi Leoni,

    Welcome to the forum, my experience and diagnosis was a little different to yours however, I had chemo and surgery and have two small children so can relate to you on those aspects of your treatment and some of the emotions we experience during them.

    Although it feels difficult to maintain your strength at times it’s important to remember how far you have come and the amazing strength you posses which, has got you to this point and will also help you overcome those moments you find yourself in that are not as easy as others.

    My children were 2 and 4 when I was undergoing chemo and there ability to smile no matter what life throws their way helped me smile each day. I wish the same for you.

    Keep strong and again welcome amongst us.


  • hi Leoni, I am not sure what to tell you as I myself have stage 3C. I am currently waiting results of pet scan to see  what is going on. while I strongly wish to live past the age of 80 years, I am turning 62 on feb 20 2018, I have a darling grand daughter turning 2 on feb 14 2018, therefore wish to live until she is well into adult hood. I try to remain positive, go to a counsellor monthly and have 2 very dear friends that have stood by me in my most down times. while the future is yet to be decided, I need and want to live for my grand daughter, without her I would give up. I also wish to fight for female rights to have their ovaries removed should the need arise. ALL females need the right over their bodies NOT doctors. thank you for reading my post.

  • Hi Leonie,

    Great to hear your Ca125 result is so good. Are they going to do a PET scan, to see how successful the recent chemo was? I have been reading on diet and cancer and there is some great information out there. Apparently your diet can help starve the cancer, as it thrives in certain environments. Have checked local bookshops without success, but there is a lot of info online, and you can purchase through Amazon. I firmly believe the body can defend itself, in its in optimum condition and chemo does play havoc with our bodies. So if you can repair that damage with diet....why not. Just a thought. I am a nurse myself, and know how to research quality information, from quackery. Lots of luck with your journey.

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