Hi. Newly diagnosed.

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Hi there everyone,

I am pleased to find this forum as I have just been diagnosed. Actually it is three weeks today I went to the hospital with terrible pain in my side. What a shock to find out I have an active cancer in my ovary and several seeds of cancer in my abdomen. Off to see oncologist surgeon in sydney next Tuesday and don't know yet what stage etc. I am. All very new and scary


  • Hi Zeb004,

    I know that shock you speak of very well. I too felt the same when I was diagnosed. Welcome to a wonderful community of amazing courageous women whom helped me through my journey. They taught me to ride this journey one day at a time and that I was not alone. I hope you have the same experience xx


  • Hi Zeb,

    Sorry to hear of your shock diagnosis. There are some great treatment options out there.  Just remember to ask questions and take notes. Always ask why a particular treatment or drug is being used, even query statistics.  Its your body and knowing what is going on and why makes it easier to deal with. Take good care of yourself, eat well, sleep well and try to stay in touch with those that care about you.  My friends have been fabulous. Even when you feel crap and can't leave the house, just a phone call or a message from a friend makes all the difference.  Good luck.

  • Hi Zeb


    How are things going?


    Kind regards


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