Good Afternoon

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Good Afternoon,

Here is my story...l was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer mid November 2017, and was operated on in mid Januarythis year.  I have just started Radiation Therapy for five weeks combined with Chemotherapy for four of those weeks, then to be followed by Chemotherapy for the following five weeks.

l am still tying to process the diagnosis, everything has happened so fast...

l am unsure what l should put here as my story is a long one and l do not know if l would have enough room.

Thank you,






  • Hi Sioux,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sure many of the women here can relate to not knowing what to write as there is so much detail in each of our experiences. My experience was similar. I was diagnosed in 2016 and still get asked to share my story from time to time and the level of detail varies each time.

    We look forward to hearing more from you within the forum.


  • Hi Sioux,

    Welcome, I think you’ll find all our stories are long but yet similar.. I too was diagnosed November last year and I’m still also processing it. Because yes it does happen fast. Do you know what stage you are?.

    I think sharing stories makes people feel not alone. Knowing that the same thing happened to you has happened to so many and we are all going though the same thing. But you will share your story when your ready. That’s how I was. Don’t worry about long it is, just know that we are here to listen.

    Take care.





  • Dear Sioux

    Just like you , I was diagnosed November 2017 and from then on everything has changed . Tests, surgery and chemotherapy followed , I don't know how to go on with it but guess what I have finished my last treatment 6th April and feeling very blessed to have done it. It is very scary for all of us but as they say we have to keep a positive outlook and to pray.

    Please do know you are not alone and you can ask for any advise in this forum.

    I wish you well and take care.



  • Hello,

    my name is Matthew, my wife was diagnosed with ovarial cancer on a very high level in 2015, she get chemo with Platinum, this was sucessfull, operation with HIPEC ( chemo filled in the body and warmt up  ). In 2016 she feels well and the tumormarker was under the level. In 2017 it comes back. She startet a biological terapie in Germany, get,s better, but the tumormarker get,s higher. Than, after a lot of expierence with biological opportunities, she startet with Methadon (a low dosis ). Dr. Claudia Friesen in Germany has found that Methadon kills cancer cells. After german TV - interviews it was starting a big discussion about that. In Europe get rd. 70.000 patients with cancer Methadon. In december my wife get the kombination CHemo + Methadon. It was very sucessfull, after the half terapi, the tumormarker was down. She get now Avastin, but want to finish it. She has changed to vegan eating.

    I would like to discuss about expierence of kombinations of different school medizin and biological medizin.


    Sorry my bad english.   Matthew


  • Hi Sioux, I have just joined as well.  It is sometimes hard to know what to write but I guess linking with other people going through similar issues helps in some way.

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