Hi- I am Joy

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Hi, I'm Joy and like my name I am generally happy and positive.  I was diagnosed by accident with very early stage Ovarian Cancer in June 2016.  During the surgery it was found that the cancer had actually spread to the fallopian tube but not beyond.  After surgery, I completed a course of chemotherapy to "mop up" any malignant cells that may be lurking and it was with confidence I looked forward to the future.  7 months later I was rediagnosed with Metastatic Cancer and entered into Chemotherapy again.  After my initial tears and a few temper tantrums I decided that I wasn't helping myself by focusing on the what if or thinking about all the things (particularly relating to my Grandchildren) that I would miss.   So here are a few things I have found that have helped me:

1) If my cancer had not been found in what was thought to be a healthy ovary at such an early stage my outcome would not have been as positive.  I feel blessed to have had extended time with my family.

2) I no longer work due to fatigue from chemo etc but find I am busier than ever.  It might take me 3 times as long to do something but I feel great when I have managed a task.

3) Although there are some confronting discussions that have had to be had, I don't dwell on the future too much as I find worrying about the future robs me of pleasure in the present. Equally I am not stressing about things I cannot change from the past.

4) I am not perfect -far from it and every now and again I have a pyjama day but mostly I try to make sure that each day I have at least one thing that gives me a reason to I get out of bed, get dressed and face the world.  It is too easy to give into the negative path or thoughts can take us.  I also put news of cancer breakthoughs etc in prominent places to remind me that I just need to stay healthy and contain the tumours until the breakthrough in Ovarian Cancer gives me another positive option.

So that's a little about me, I hope I haven't waffled too much


  • Hi Joy,

    Thank you for sharing your amazing silver linings. There were so many in their I feel fortunate enough to relate too.

    Having the ability to not worry and to be in the present is one of the many precious gifts I certainly felt that came from one of the darker moments in my life. My each day is now so much richer because of it.

    Please continue to share your experiences with us all here both the good ones and the tougher ones. I know this forum helped lighten my problems when I was receiving treatment and I hope you get the same.

    Praying for good health for all of us.


  • Hi Sirin

    Thanks for your response.  I have been without internet for a while so have just seen your post.  I shall certainly stay in touch.  A couple of weekends ago I participated in Relay for Life and met the local support group so will certainly follow up with them.  At this point my health is stable with the tumours "contained" so that is good but one of my finger nails is lifting off from the nail bed as a consequence of the chemo.  It's a small price to pay but naturally it is on the index finger so will the one most at risk of getting knocked etc. -Murphy's Law I guess.  Good luck with your health and stay positive.  I find surrounding myself with strong people who are positive also helps me stay positive.


  • Welcome Joy

    May I ask how your cancer was picked up?

    Kind Regards


  • Hi, my name is Liz and I have had a recurrence of Stage 3 , I unfortunately developed malignant ascites which was not helped by the lack of help by my oncologist, my daughter intervened and I ended up in hospital in Sydney for over 2 weeks for ascitic drainage and the start of chemo - I have now transferred to a regional cancer centre for future treatment. I have lost much confidence unfortunately but am determined to get my life back to normal for however long I can. I have also had gene testing for my family . I have a wonderful supportive network who get me through the bad days and would value your thoughts at any time . My thoughts are with you all xx

  • Hello,

    I am so scared and depressed :( I was diagnosed early this month with stage 3A. All evidence of disease has been removed, however I have started chemo to mop up anything residual.

    My Ca125 was never elevated and given it's a clear cell cancer i am more worried as that is resistant to chemo. To make matters worse during my first cycle yesterday they had to stop the paclitaxel as i kept reacting to it, so now i'm worried effectiveness is reduced.

    Has anyone experienced this? I am scared it's just going to recurr as soon as i finish the chemo in March.


  • Hi Faye1959,

    Thank you for joining the forum and voicing how you are feeling. Depression is common in people living with the challenges of cancer and given the challenge you’re in very understandable. Have you been in contact with OVCA helpline 1300 660 334 to discuss the way you are feeling. They are wonderful and can offer you support on this front.

    The community in this forum is also great and I am sure you will feel their warm support too but please do tap into the wonderful resources available by OVCA also.

    I personally had a different experience to yours so can’t offer you direct responses to the questions you posted. When I found myself having moments of fear or uncertainty during my treatment, I changed my focus to something that made me smile that day or something I was grateful for. Doing this helped me shift my focus from the difficult to the delighting and gave me short spurts of respite from the difficult situation I found myself in.

    Please stay strong xx


  • Hi Faye

    How are you feeling now? Have they found an alternative chemo that suits you?

    Its so hard in the early days, so much to take in mentally when your body is trying to heal. We are here to help and walk with you.

    Best wishes





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