Hi, I'm Ley

Hope I'm in the right spot now. Hi, I'm Ley. I was diagnosed with Stage 3C ovarian cancer the week before Christmas. So far I've had 4 chemo treatments & am booked in for surgery on the 9th of May. This will be followed by another 3 chemo treatments. I really have no idea what to expect after surgery. I've had 2 caesarians but that was 40 years ago. Looking forward to reading others' experiences.


  • Hi Ley,

    Welcome, I had my surgery at the beginning of February. When it comes to recovering from surgery I found everyone is different but if you can the next day get out of bed. Even just sitting up on the edge of the bed. Pace yourself don’t rush, I took an extra pillow to place over my stomach to help with coughing. Can I ask where your having your surgery?. I found a lot of useful tips on here from other ladies. The more you move the better the healing. I was out of hospital in 4 days. I didn’t find the pain after surgery to bad. I hardly used the pain meds. But I did prefer Targin to endone, even though it’s the same Targin in a slow release with an anti constipating drug in it. And it last for 12 hrs. I was so stressed before having the surgery but once it was done I felt at ease. Wishing you the best for your surgery.

    Take care


  • Thank you, Dionne.  I'm having my surgery at the Royal in Brisbane. I have a meeting with the surgeon on Tuesday & hope to get more information about what it all entails. Apparently the chemo worked well shrinking the tumours, but I imagine it will still be quite major surgery. Glad to hear you are on the mend.


  • Hi Ley,

    Chemo did the same for me, shrunk my tumour right down they couldn’t even see it on the cat scan. My surgery was about 2 and half hours, but I had an hysterectomy back in 2001 so for me it was just removing the last ovary and tube plus omentum and the surgeon having a really good look around. As long as your surgeon is a gyro/oncologist you will be in good hands. I was a mess before surgery because of all the scary stuff they say to you, your recovery will be similar to c sections. I have a insicion that goes just above my belly button down to my pubic bone. I didn’t opt for epidural for pain relief (don’t like things in or near my spine) I had the wonderful push that button machine (p something they call it).  You will wake with a catheter in but that is taken out the next day because they get you up. Oh and those leg moving things on your calves to help with preventing blood clots along with those horrible stocking things. There is one thing I forget to say is fir the time in hospital you get those blood anti clotting injections. Well my husband had to give them to me for about 3 to 4 weeks. Just to clarify I hate needles like phobia hate needles and would be no good as a diabetic. I hope a clarified a bit more for you...it’s hard typing and trying to remember. Please let me know how you go.

    Take care. Dionne

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