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I lost our thread.

I will not have chemo or blood work till June 15, 16.

Longest I have been without treatment since 10/13/2016.

No blood stick this Friday either - thrilled about this.

Going on a church retreat this weekend.

Very unhappy at work - my contract was not renewed and I suspect these people are the tackiest on the Earth when it comes to managing foreign teachers.

Day at a time with this roller coaster.

Enjoy your short trip.



  • Hi Sandra, How are you going?  It would have been nice to have a break from chemo.  It gives your body some time to recover.  We enjoyed our weekend down in Melbourne.  The weather was very pleasant.  We caught up with some friends that we hadn't seen for a few years.  My marker is continuing to come down, which I am very pleased about.  My oncologist was happy and said I could have about 6 more lots of this chemo and then have a break for a while.  Take care  Helen

  • Good evening Helen,

    In the hospital for 2nd night only to have an MRI on my left leg where a 'thing' is bugging the nerve.

    VERY happy to hear your marker is coming down.  Hooray!  6 cycles and a break - sounds excellent to me.

    The MRI was the weirdest thing ever - like a symphony for Clockwork Orange met the Las Vegas Blue Man Group.  Just insane.  The ear muffs did nothing.

    Tomorrow I have chemo blood work and then chemo on Sat with the required overnight.  "The Hotel NTUH"


  • Hi Sandra,

    How has your recovery from "The Hotel NTUH" been?  I hope the chemo is not affecting you too much.  I have had a couple of MRI's on my breasts and yes they are a bit weird.  As you say the banging around and different noises are quite interesting.  It seems to be a long 25 minutes that you are in the machine for.  I try to count the minutes as a way of making the time pass.  Mu daughter and I are off to Brisbane for 10 days next week.  I am looking forward to the break from chemo and the warm weather.  We have been having some frosts lately here in Canberra, which are very pretty with the white ice all over the ground, lovely sunny days and clear skies, however it is also very cold outside and I tend to be a bit reluctant to go outside as much in winter.  Take care Helen

  • Hi once again Helen and ladies...had the debulking surgery at royal women's Melbourne 3 nights in hospital mid July and recovered very well the worst is reminding myself that I have had major surgery and can't do things yet..There is still cancer on my diaphragm, and lower bowel am having Avanstan with tomorrow's chemo(number 5) and 6 then on its own .Will be great to be finished chemo ? .cheers Maureen from Wagga

  • Hello Helen and Maureen -

    CONGRATULATIONS Maureen on your surgery!  Yay.  A huge hurdle has been passed for this journey.  I am in Taiwan - diagnosed 10/13/2016.  I finished 57 chemos 2 weeks back.  Now I am an Avastin only patient.  My lovely Eric Chen Chi-Hau, MD informed me July 17, 2018 that there had been DRAMATIC REDUCTION in all tumors from 7 injections of miracle drug Avastin (Ben-va-seize-a-mab or Beetle Bum as the gals in my USA ovarian cancer support group like to call it) - we are loving Genetech.  I am so sad to be leaving Taiwan and so thrilled to report I have health insurance in the state of Massachusetts, USA and was accepted as a patient by David R Spriggs MD (Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Wisconsin Med School) with Mass General where Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Yawkey Cancer Center are located.  My appointment is tentative for 9/12/2018.  Dr. Chen may change all of this tomorrow.   Having a BLAST in my final days in Taiwan.  Gotta go - more fun stuff to do.

    Love ya,

    Sandra :-)

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