Hi my name is maureen and I am due to have my 3rd chemo in 2 days hopefully to b

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having my 3rrd chemo in two days time followed by scan and hopefully debunking surgery in July


  • Hi Maureen, Welcome to the forum. How did your third cycle of chemo go? I hope you didn't experience too many side effects from your treatment. Which chemo treatments are you having? Good luck with your surgery in July. You will appreciate the break from chemo, whilst you are recovering from your surgery.  Take care Helen

  • Well the third chemo has gone very well love the fact no side effects..shaved my remaining hair and ordered a wig to add to collection of berets. Hopeful news from Melbourne there where changes from the first chemo so feeling positive  cheersand love to all

  • Great to hear Maureen

  • After 3rd chemo I was lucky and accepted by the wonderful gyneo/oncology team at Melbourne Royal Women's and last Wednesday 18/7/18 had hysterectomy and diaphragm and omentium scraped.a small amount of residual was left andI am to have more chemo and Avastin ...The operation started as keyhole but they then had to make a cut above navel .

  • Hi Maureen,

    How are you recovering from your operation?  It must have been a bit unsettling to have a change from keyhole surgery to an incision above the navel.  Hopefully you will be able to have a good recovery and be ready for the further chemo and Avastin in a few weeks.  I found walking really helped speed up my recovery from my operation.  Take care.  Helen

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