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Hi my name's Cassie and I'm 24 years old. Just want to ask a few things, firstly what were your symptoms you first noticed. I'm not diagnosed with ovarian cancer but I have some concerning symptoms that match. I have frequent urge to urinate so many times a day, I have pelvic pain and abdomen pain, I get bloated, extreme back pain, feeling full when eating a little, weight loss and extreme fatigue. I was also wondering if you can still get ovarian cancer while on the contraceptive pill, I've been on it for 10 years now.


  • Thank you for your comment Cassie; my name is Hayley and I am support coordinator here at Ovarian Cancer Australia. Some of the other women on the forum may have comments to add however in the meantime I have sent you some information via email which may help you to take further steps in terms of addressing your symptoms. You can also email or call us with any further questions using the details below.

    Hayley, Support Coordinator, 1300 660 334,



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