Reoccurrence after 11 months NED

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My name is Kanwal, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Dec 2016. I had 3 cycles of Chemo then surgery debulking/ hysterectomy and then again 3 cycles of chemo.

My CA125 at the start was 192, which which stayed in one digit after surgery. I have been having 3 monthly checkups. In March my CA125 was 6. In June it went to 24, so had PET Scan which resulted in reoccurrence in abdominal lining (peritoneal). Gyno/onco said that it is Chronic.

I'm back to Chemo for 6 rounds, already completed round 1.

Is there anyone going through similar situation? I need some reassurance and guidance. I'm worried.



  • Hi Kanwal,

    It can be quite a shock and a setback when the cancer comes back, try and stay positive.  I have found that the oncologists are able to offer different types of chemo and they are researching all the time for new treatments.  It has been six years now since when I was first diagnosed with Ovarian cancer in 2012 and even though it has come back a number of times, the chemo seems to keep it under control.  Take care.  Helen

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