what a year !

Hi My name is Kylie ,I’m 43 ,married 21 years ,I have three children ages 21,18,11. and I have Ovarian Cancer (serous borderline tumour) ,I was diagnosed in APRIL 2018 of this year ,at first they thought it was cervical Cancer : My body was telling me signs ,I just wasn’t listening as I suffered with a scar tissue mass after my last c-section and that caused me pain at times,but then came the huge bloating of my tummy I looked pregnant ,and when I bent down I found it hard to breathe ,so I went to the doctors and even though I told them that the bloating isn’t my weight ,They didn’t think it was serious they gave me a slip for an ultrasound but I couldn’t wait over the weekend ,so My Husband and I went to the hospital ,Really shorten the story : ,after ultrasound and blood ,urine tests CT-scan MRI scan ,A few days later surgery full hysterectomy ,removal of lymph nodes debulking + tumour under belly button ,I still have cancer they couldn’t get the rest,I have an odd type of Cancer ,now it’s low grade and fighting it with Tamoxifen and trying to fix these hot flushes.

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