Hot flushes /flashes tips ?

After My hysterectomy  plus other procedures debulking +removal of lymph nodes  surgery the hot flushes hit and they hit hard ,problems with sleeping and I've had two medications that didn't work,one made me very sick , I'm not really liking that I have to take more tablets as the Tamoxifen knocks me and makes me tired but I just hope it's killing the cancer , My doctor has made me an appointment for the Menopause clinic ,so I'm waiting for that ,My 18 year daughter is so beautiful she knows I sweat  so she made me a hankie to wipe my hands  ,I would love to know some tips to keep cool thanks ....from Kylie.


  • Hi Purplewillow.

    I went through similar at 45. I put up with the flushes but the mood swings - wow - I thought someone was going to die (not me ;) ) My gynae recommended an anti-depressant. I'm 49 now and all is good - occasionally I get a warm wash over but nothing like it was at first and so far I haven't murdered anyone! Surgically induced menopause is brutal but its fairly quick.


    Best wishes



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