Extremely scared and worried

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Hi, I'm new to this group.

I'm absolutely terrified my Mum has cancer. She is 62 years old.

Last week my Mum went to the ED with severe pain in her leg. They found that she had a massive blood clot and didn't know what could of caused it. She then had a CT scan which revealed a large 11cm mass on her right ovary that had spread to her belly button. They then took blood tests for tumour markers which all came back normal. The doctor said to us that they would of expected it to be very high in a malignant case but sometimes bloods can still come back normal.

She then had an ultrasound and the sonographer said that the mass was worrying but no fluid was present and the doctor said in most but not all cases fluid is usually present with malignancy. She also had an abnormal urine test but the doctor didn't discuss it.

Mum is now booked in for a biopsy tomorrow and won't know the results for two weeks. Apart from the DVT (which we have a strong family history of) Mum doesn't really have any symptoms at the moment.

Has anyone been in a similar situation?. Could it still be cancer?. I'm so terrified. I can't eat, sleep or even think right now. We have no family history of breast or ovarian cancer.


  • Hi Sarahaj

    Its understandable that you are scared and the waiting is so hard. We are here for you for support anytime.

    My blood tests for the tumour marker have always come back in the normal range even when I had a 7cm tumour. Mine was caught early and I only had to have surgery. I hope for the same for your mum.

    Ovarian cancer (if that is what it is) has various types and stages - some are more malignant and aggressive than others, some tumours aren't cancer at all. My mum had a tumour on her ovary at age 71 that grew to 20 cm over six weeks, we were scared as it was only a year after my diagnosis. Her's turned out to be benign and they removed it easily with no further treatment needed. There really is no way of knowing until they do the biopsy.

    How are you able to manage this waiting time? Do you have other family around who can support you and your mum?

    Hold tight and know that you aren't alone.

    Thinking of you.



  • Hi Rachel,

    Did you experience any symptoms before diagnosis?. Did they find fluid?

    I'm just so frightened. I've never been so scared in my life. I'm only 27 and so afraid I'm going to lose my Mum.

    I have heard that tumour markers are more accurate after menopause. Is that right?.

    I do understand about the stages but since the tumour is quite large and spread to the abdomen, I would have thought that the blood tests would be more accurate and fluid would now be present?

    That's great about your Mother. Was hers only confined to her ovary?. Were they suspicious of cancer?

    Mum is afraid to have the needle guided biopsy as she still has DVT. The doctors haven't explained the risks at all.

    This has completely turned our lives upside down and I'm struggling to cope as is the rest of my family.

  • Hi Sarah,

    It is so wonderful that you have joined the forum, like Rachel I too understand the crippling fear of the wait for a biopsy to occur. My experience was similar to Rachel's in that my blood tests all came back looking toot to suspicious. There really is no clear way to work out if the mass is malignant without a biopsy.

    I had a 20cm tumour with both solid and fluid components. Despite its size, the blood tests were not a clear indicator of malignancy. Biopsy is the only way. So I too would like to answer the question, How do I deal with the fear of losing my mum, while we wait for the biopsy to take place?

    I would like to suggest that you give Ovarian Cancer Australia a call on their helpline 1300 660 334, there are wonderful people on that line to support you and your mum through the varying emotions that come with a cancer scare or diagnosis. Please tap into that resource. You can also reach out to Cancer Council Australia for similar support at any time on 13 11 10.


  • My name IS Ricky the blood tests did not reveal any sign of CA . T he doctors told me that the cancerous ovary was still encapsulated so no blood tests showed up. It was when my fallopian tube twisted that caused severe pain that took me to the hospital and there they did a CT that showed a bit bad Ovary. Now the blood test I have for my rare Ca is an Inhibin Blood Test which has to go to Queensland Lab. Hope this adds more helpful information about the difficulty of diagnosing ovarian cancers . (Do you know there 30 different types of ovarian cancer ?) All the best to you and reach out for support here and with any local groups , too.

  • Hi Ricky,

    Your right Ovarian Cancer is very hard to identify and the symptoms so slight that most women put the symptoms down to menopause or just being a woman. Just like you it's not until you feel pain or have that nagging suspicion that something is just not right we get ourselves checked out. I presume that you have seen a gynecological surgeon once you are aware of the Blood Tests and the treatment to follow. As with OC the full extent of the damage isn't evident until surgery when every organ is checked and the offending mass removed. Please keep us informed as to the blood results and what treatments or surgery is recommended. Try and keep calm until you know the waiting is the most difficult as our minds work overtime on the negative. We are all here for you.


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