Hi I'm Lina

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Hello Everyone

My boyfriend's sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3c in sept 2017. She has the BRAC1 gene. Her mother was first diagnosed in 2013 with uterus cancer, it came back in 2015 then again in June 2017.  She sadly passed away in Nov 2017.

My boyfriend's sister had surgery as well as chemo. A small tumour has come  back just a year after her first treatment in her abdomen area. She had radiation but doctors have seen stopped that as they believe it has spread to the abdomen lining. She is waiting for her CT scan results.

In the meantime we( family) have done research and has anyone had HIPEC surgery?

If so, which hospital/ surgeon?

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance




  • Hi Lina,

    Welcome to the forum and I'm so sorry about the news with your brother's girlfriend. It is wonderful that you are seeking our research, information and support for her. I had a version of OC that is not BRAC1 related so can't directly relay any information from my own experience. I am sure that someone on here will respond that may have more information than I do.

    Please continue to ask any questions you might have, if you don't get a direct response to your questions on here regarding your questions, it might help to call the OVCA support line and ask one of the wonderful counsellors your questions. If they don't have the answers you need my experience has been that they will do their best to point you in the direction of someone that might.


  • Thank you Sirin for your response and recommendations.


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