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Hello Group-

Just saw a post from Karen and Sirin and Helen! Yay we are all still here. I am now in Massachusetts receiving treatment with the Dana Farber in Boston. Yesterday I had my infusion of Avastin, CA125 11, all numbers excellent but magnesium – 1.4 (range 1.8) so I started a magnesium oxide 400 mg supplement today. 21 days previously I had an infusion of magnesium. I swam today. Breakfast: organic pancakes with organic maple syrup, blueberries, bananas; cup of black coffee. Lunch: salmon/mixed lettuce/carrot/cottage cheese salad; green tea/lemon/ginger. Dinner: black bean soup/onions/garlic; spinach/basil/cilentro salad; Ritz pita crisps with white sharp and pepper jack cheese slices. Later: dark chocolate and apple slices.

I was so curious about people’s lives when I was first diagnosed 10/13/2016. This is why I share such detail. How were people living. Well I am living quite well thank you very much.

Anyone else find they make comments not appreciated by the infusion nurses? I am taking a sign next time and not speaking with them – just say thank you on my sign and that I am in a silent retreat. This way I will not get their attitude and they won’t get my nervous chatter they apparently don’t appreciate.

The joys of cancer one day at a time.

Healthy Now Sandra


  • Hi Sandra,

    So wonderful to hear from you and to hear that you are doing well!

    Sorry to hear that your infusion nurses are not the nicest of people.  Sounds to me like they are in the wrong profession.  I love your idea about the Thank You sign.  Perhaps it will help them to reconsider their attitudes.

    I have not been as active on the forum as I would like to have been.  I have three grand kids under the age of 3 and they are keeping me on my toes.  I am doing really well and am rapidly approaching my 5 year NED anniversary... I appreciate that this is not a milestone that we all get to, and am appreciative every single day.

    I hope that you have not been affected by the cold weather that is currently sweeping the USA. Where I am in Australia, it has been very hot... today is a comfortable 24 degrees celsius.

    I hope you continue to live well and look forward to hearing from you again soon.



  • Karen!

    Grandchildren would be awesome!

    I visited a grammar school mate's daughter yesterday at Smith College - I love to support and cheer on young people.

    Do you take magnesium oxide? This is my current question - I would like to take 800 mg in the am and pm. Or 800 mg in the am and 400 mg in the pm - making it 1200 mg per day. My levels have been dropping bc of avastin (about injection 17 or 18) and I feel SO much better when I have adequate mag/ox in my body.

    Here is some lol for your Monday -

    Enjoy your lovely weather.


  • Hi Sandra,

    Yes, the grandkids are wonderful and certainly keep up on our toes.

    I've finished active treatment, so don't have any advise re the magnesium.  Hopefully someone else who does take it will see your post and respond.

    Thanks for the meme's... I can relate to most of them.  :)

    Also, I've sent you a private message...

    Have a lovely day!


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