Low fibre diet after bowel obstruction

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hi I was diagnosed stage 4 May 2018 have had chemo,debulking surgery,4 avastan now on Calyex. Last month I had bowel obstruction and collapsed left lung..surgery was not option however after resting bowel it righted itself🙂.Discharged from hospital was told to always now follow low fibre diet My Question is any one else been given this diet.?.  The plural cavity was drained had over 2 litres fluid and sealed all good at present cheers Maureen



  • Hi Maureen,

    Sorry to hear that you having a rough time at the moment.

    Whilst I have not experienced a bowel obstruction, I have had doctors who thought I did and have to say that it wasn't a pleasant experience!  I have also been on low fibre diets for other reasons, but usually only for a short time and in preparation for a medical procedure of some sort.    I know that during those times it seems a little unrealistic and I have found it difficult to get my head around... after all, we are constantly bombarded with ads and advice on how to get more fibre into our diet!

    Sorry that I'm not much help.  Hopefully someone with similar experiences to yours will respond to your initial post.  Did you have any specific questions about this diet?

    Kind Regards,


  • Hopefully someone has been put on this diet permanently and can give me ideas so many conflicting low fibre foods thanks

  • Hi Maureen,

    Again I have not experienced this however a friend of mine had going through treatment hers she was told was caused by a build up of scar tissue. She experienced a great deal of pain as you have and was placed on a low fiber diet which was given to by a dietitian.  I would suggest that you ask your Oncologist or GP to recommend a dietitian who would go through what is a low fibre diet what foods are ok and others to steer clear from. At least this way you have an understanding of what is a low fiber diet and the foods in relation to your body.  I hope that this helps



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