5 years cancer free today

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Hi all

I am five years cancer free today!

I am so grateful to my medical team and the support of OCA. Here's to the next five.

Best wishes




  • Congratulations  Rachel :) that's a wonderful mile stone, I remember when I was told the same. Go out and party we opened a bottle of champagne, it feels surreal. Keep up having your bloods  done which I do and enjoy life, wishing you the very best for the next 5 years.


  • Wonderful News! I am fed up with my doctor, I am a stage 3c in my diagnosed mid 2016, and I only have a small amount of cancer showing on the scans at the moment, the problem is my doctor says there are no trials that I could go on, and she has never put me on one or pursued them, and now the cancer is growing again, she said 'you have three more types of chemo left and you are no longer platinum sensitive, and after three more chemos most people are ready to go'. I refused to accept this negative misdiagnosis for my life when I know there is a better course. So I now have appointment for a second opinion and I will never go back to my original doctor.

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