Hi I'm Rosemary

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Hi , I live in Victoria, my 47 year old daughter is in Darwin and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a few weeks ago following the biopsy results of surgery to remove one ovary with a tumour, her fallopian tubes were also removed and showed clear.

Yesterday she had her first appointment with an oncologist who visits Darwin Royal hospital every month. The treatment plan is for her to go to Brisbane where hopefully she will be able to have a hysterectomy in 3 weeks, there is another tumour showing in her remaining ovary and the doctor said they can’t stage the cancer until after this second operation. She is a public patient and will be going to the Mater hospital for the operation and follow up treatments.

The biggest concern for her at the moment is to find somewhere to live in Brisbane now/ asap and for the duration of treatment which could run into months.If there is anyone living in Brisbane with any ideas could you please let me know. I’m new to this forum and not sure if you can send private messages?

My daughter is happy for me to put out feelers on her behalf so at least I feel I can be of some help to her. She has no permanent address in Darwin and has been staying with friends and then in a unit for a month which she has to leave on Friday. She has done a lot of house sits through Aussie House sitters and has received some excellent reviews, she is single and into healthy eating and yoga. She is self-employed and runs her own small art and design business which has been put on semi-hold at present, so there is little income happening.

Needless to say all our lives have been turned upside down and due to being significantly disabled I am not able to hop on a plane and be with her and help which is a great sadness and frustration, my husband is my carer. We are all hopeful that the cancer may have been found early.

Thank you for reading, Rosemary


  • Hi Rosemary,

    I’m so sorry to read about your daughter and admire you for reaching out. As your daughter is having her operation and treatment at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane I can only suggest that maybe the hospital has some suggestions for accommodation or can steer you in the right direction.

    i hope this suggestion helps, I wish your daughter all the very best with her surgery and follow up treatments.


  • Hi Chris, thank you for your reply, my daughter is following up all possibilities with the Mater hospital and also trying to access a social worker in Darwin for advice. She is still waiting for a date and was told the Mater clinic won’t  be reviewing her case for two weeks, she is very upset at this delay but being in the public system feels there is not much she can do.



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