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I'm Allan and my 26 year old daughter has been fighting Ovarian Cancer for three years. Sadly we are running out of hope as all treatments have been unsuccessful. She has started working with the palliative care team and this is very confronting.

I am not sure if there are many men in this group or fathers but thought I would explore what support I can get. My decision is made more difficult by the fact I am divorced from my daughters mother and they ( mother and maybe daughter) are making it clear they don't want me closely involved in this process. Even visits are discouraged. I have a strong support network but this situation is so so hard.


  • Hi Allan,

    I cannot imagine your pain and I hope you get a response from another male in the group that helps.

    You might have to have a discussion with all family members and state your case, you care and she is your daughter and want to support and be there for her, it's not an easy time for anyone.  I am happy you have a strong support network its times like these you need them.  I'm sorry I can't offer much more but don't get discouraged your her Dad, she is possibility feeling very overwhelmed and fearful at this time and maybe she just doesn't want you to see that.

  • Hello Allan,

    very sorry to hear about your daughter.

    Suggestion, write a letter to your daughter about how much you love her and wish for good health.

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