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Hi, my 47 year old daughter has just had her second surgery this week after the results of a laparoscopic surgery to remove one ovary and test a tumour 6 weeks ago. The surgery this week took out the uterus, remaining ovary that also has a tumour, fallopian tubes as well some of the omentum and her appendix ( the appendix removal  is a puzzle?) . Several biopsies are now being tested, the surgeon said there were  no obvious signs of spread. If it turns out that the cancer had spread to the omentum for example  does anyone know would she be likely to need a third surgery? I realise this is a question that may not have an answer here but has anyone had three or more surgeries? Her cancer will be staged once the results  come through but there is a good chance it has been found early, fingers crossed.

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  • Hi Roboat,

    I didn't have any laparoscopic surgery before my major operation to determine  if the cyst on my ovary was cancerous.  Your daughters surgery is a little different. A Gynaecological Oncologist surgeon performs a procedure called "debulking" wherein they take the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus and yes the appendix anything the cancer cells could attach too. During the operation they test for other cancer cells that could have travelled to other organs. They found two cancer cells in my omentum which was also removed.  As you have mentioned some of your daughters omentum was removed,  you may need to ask the surgeon if cancer cells are shown and what's next?  In regards to the staging of her Ovarian Cancer my surgeon told me about 4 days after surgery whilst I was still in hospital, it does take time. I'm sorry I cannot answer your other questions, its a huge surgery, I wish your daughter well. I suggest if you haven't already got the Resilience Kit from here you should its full of information, advise and support tools.

  • Hi Chris, thank you for your reply, so they can do a speed test for cancer cells during the operation, is that right? This is what puzzled me because the tissue sample tests take days. Thanks for making sense of the appendix removal too.

    I am in Victoria and my daughter is in Brisbane, it is extremely difficult for me to travel due to my own health and disability so I am doing all I can to be informed and supportive from a distance, it’s emotionally hard to not be able to be with her easily. I have a copy of the  Resilience book and other pamphlets- quite a library- and they are fantastic as are the help line nurses.

    Chris do you have private health? My daughter is in the public system and has been told up to 9 days for results but we are hoping sooner, once they know the stage they will work out the next steps. How long were you in hospital?

    I hope you are doing OK? sorry you are also dealing with this cancer, my daughter is really positive and will give it all she’s got to keep beating it.

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply it is really helpful.



  • Hi Again,

    In answer to your questions I don't know if its called speed testing but they do, do something that detects cancer cells whilst your on the operating table.  I do have private health insurance however I know that your daughter will have the same amount of care that I had. You just need to be patient for the biopsy results they do take time. I was in hospital for 7 days and then stated 18 weeks chemotherapy 3 weeks later after I meet with the Oncologist and the oncology nurses who are all excellent and very caring.  On the 6th August I celebrate 6 years free from OC, and I count my blessing every single day.  I can only imagine how frustrated you are living in a different State and having your own health issues. I am sure your daughter appreciates all you are doing for her, it's an emotional rollercoaster everyone is one.  You are right your daughter will develop a strength she didn't know she had to fight this insidious cancer.  Stay strong for her and positive.



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