Granulosa Cell Tumour Symptoms

I'm puzzled as to why most articles I've read list a symptom of oestrogen producing granulosa cell tumours as 'vaginal bleeding'. I know that granulosa cell tumours are very rare so maybe no-one can help with this question. If the tumour is in the ovary, how is blood finding its way into and out of the vagina?



  • Hi Illawarrian, Sorry I don't have an answer but that is a great question. Do you have GCT? I was diagnosed in 2013 and am experiencing a possible recurrence. The only symptom I had was vague bloating.

  • Hi Stella and Illawarrian I also have Granulosa (GCT) Cancer and my symptoms were varied ;bloating, fatigue, loss of appetite, abdominal distension and spotting. I thought I was going through menopause. Nothing was clear cut,even blood tests were inconclusive. I was diagnosed in 2010 due to severe pain because of a twisted pallopian tube , that my doctor, said saved my life. Hoping this is helpful for you

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