Good morning everyone. I'm currently having time for myself on Norfolk Island ... OMG is absolute paradise. This is my 3rd visit this year!

I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in October 2017 and had major surgery on 18 December 2017. I had the mass removed, lost a part of my bladder, small and large bowel and removal of my spleen. months chemo and 6 months targeted therapy.

A month or so after the completion of my chemo I had a PET scan showing I had spots on my liver and my CA125 was escalated. So I decided to have my first trip to Norfolk Island in April) May 2019 for 4 weeks. I spent another 2 weeks in Brisbane with my dad who passed quietly in hospital. On my return to Perth another PET scan was performed and low and behold NO spots and my tumour markers were excellent! In remission says my oncologist! F*#k how did that happen! He was as shocked as I was. So I'm back on NI ... reckon this place has improved my health, stress levels, diet etc.

Forgot to mention had a double mastectomy in 2013 .. on my 60th birthday !!

I'm over the moon ... But (always a BUT) still in the back of your mind and any health disruptions takes me back to being diagnosed. Not any easy road and really f#$ks with my head. I'm sure you can all relate.

But in the meantime I'm trying to be healthy, happy, relaxed on my little island in the South Pacific.

Please, everyone, take care and try and live in the moment.

Cheers Sharon



  • I'm inspired to hear that. Maybe because you are a comparative youngster, that has helped in your recovery. I was diagnosed at 74. I had major surgery in April 2017, followed by 6 rounds of chemo. Then fairly OK for 9 months, so went to UK to meet a new grand-niece and visited Portugal.

    Then the CA125 went up, and I had 6 rounds of " Line 2" chemo this year. I then volunteered to go on a trial of Olaparib, in tablet form.

    It has some side effects, and I hoped it would stop regrowth, but the count is creeping up again. I don't have BRAC 1 - 6, so am a rare specimen, apparently. Not good in this case. At least I have plenty of energy and don't get nausea.

    I so hope you remain clear!

    Good luck.


  • Hi Sharon,

    Congratulations on your remission, I have been fighting Ovarian Cancer for almost 25 years it was stage IIIC when they found it.

    I think it is fairly normal to have that thought in the back of your head when you start to feel unwell or any pain your first thought is back to that initial diagnosis. I do the same, it is never fully out of your head.

    You have a great attitude and living in the moment is certainly inspiring for everyone.

    Have a wonderful time and be kind to yourself.

    Take Care


  • Enjoy your time now and stay positive about life .

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